25th Wedding Anniversary is definitely a special one. Across the world, this occasion is celebrated. Marking 25 years of together has been a big thing for ages and that is why a lot of couples make it a valid point to celebrate it. Some choose to celebrate it with a private dinner while some prefer celebrating it with friends and family, together. There are even instances where couples get remarried on their 25th wedding anniversary.

25th wedding anniversary

So, in case, your parents are about to mark their 25 years of togetherness or in your family then here is a small suggestion! When you plan everything plan a video invitation too. You must be wondering why video invitation? Well, here is why you should be sending video invitation.


Think of those traditional invitation cards, how impersonal were they! Now think about a video invitation which you can load with personal pictures and give the receiver a chance to peep into your life. Video invites can be made as personal as you want. For a 25th wedding anniversary celebration, they are going to suit the most because of their personalized approach.


Videos are fun and interesting. Gone are the days when these printed invitations would do the honor. We are digitalized now, it is time that we better use it at its best. Video invitation is beautiful as they engross the use completely. This is your time to get the best out of it.


The best part of a video invite is that it is customizable. You can put in as many pictures as you want and make it an interesting one. Even if you choose a predefined template from the website, there is still a huge scope for customization that you can go for.

Does it sound like too much of hassle? Well, in that case here is what you can do. Just three simple steps and your video invitation would be ready!

Three steps for your 25 wedding anniversary video invitation:

Step 1:

Quickly browse on our website and check out the available templates. There are numerous templates available which are suitable for different occasions. Find out the one that absolutely matches with your occasion and selects.

Step 2:

Once you finalize which template to pick, your next task would be waiting for our call. Our representative will get in touch with you at earlier and ask you for the photos and video that you wish to include in the video invite.

Step 3:

You literally don’t have to do anything here. Just relax while we work for you. It will take us just 2 days to make the video invitation for the anniversary. So, while you get busy with all the other plans we help you out in making the video invitation.

If this is not the smartest way to get your video invitation done, then what is? And have we missed out on any point? If yes, then shoot it in the comment below and let us know your thoughts on it.