Birthdays are one of the special days that we are waiting for a whole year. It’s the day we celebrate and enjoy with our friends and family. Sending wishes and greeting on this day its one of the most important as it would decide how strong your friendship and how much they are mean to you are. Video greetings on birthdays are one of the new things you should try this time and we have many reasons for you.

video greeting


Sending video greetings on someone birthday is showing how much you love them or care for them. Making an effort to create and taking time to send those video wishes could really make someone’s day. It has something which no other ways of greeting have, personalization. When you send them a video of birthday wishes, it really brings joy and happiness to the person who receives them.


It’s something new and something interesting. When someone receives a video greeting, they would really feel grateful. Greeting cards, calls, and SMS won’t create that type of excitement which a video greeting can do.


It’s not just some videos which you can send other for amusement. Those greeting video is lifelong memories which you create for them. They will save it for life and it could help them in a bad time. It’s something everyone loves, because when you make an effort and goes the length to create something for them; it means a lot to them.

Different than usual:

When you receive an email from an old friend and you can just tell it’s not written by them, it’s really after the purpose. In a video greeting, you can speak to them, you can share pictures of them together and you can add their favorite songs as well. That makes it different from regular greeting and people love when you send them something unique as birthday wishes.

Easy and fast:

Creating a video greeting is much easier than it looks. You can create your own video and just attach the file or you can create an animation with tons of option given to you. It’s all easy and personalized as you have a choice in it, not like those prewritten cards. You can go to the website and create a beautiful birthday greeting video in a matter of minutes and it will be remembered for lifelong.

You can get a video greeting made with us in an absolutely hassle free manner. Just select the template of your choice and we are good to go. We will take just 2 business days to prepare if for you. Give it a shot, you are surely going to love it.

In this busy lifestyle, we don’t get much of time to talk and remember. We got to know our best friend’s birthday from social media and just sending them a message won’t create a special bond you had with them for years. A video birthday greeting is something which everyone appreciates.