Video Emails: An Effective Way To Communicate With Your Employees

“What! Another email from our CEO? What is he saying? After you read let me know if it’s important OK”- said my best buddy. He knew I always prefer to read corporate mails in detail.


I love to learn and understand every information my company passes on to us. After all we are entitled to be happy at every big achievement, awards, mergers and other happening details about our brand world-wide.

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DIY Promotional Video Newsletters from Inviter

Think! What can you do to get your new product an edge over your competitors? Think Aloud! –

The chief of marketing was screaming beyond his energy levels addressing his team of creative marketing experts….


The leading E-commerce companies in the United States go through this routine as they gear up for every new launch.

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#July4videomarketing Webinar Recap

Last week we did two webinars on July 4th. The first one was on how to use Inviter video invitations for your personal parties. Our second one was on how businesses can use video emails and newsletters to promote their July 4th sales.

We did it on YouTube Live Events.

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#CelebrateDad Webinar June 9

Inviter wants to make sure dad’s get some marketing love too. Mom’s get a lot. We promote Mother’s Day. We shower her with love and adoration on all fronts. Now as a mom, I’m not complaining. At the same time, I think companies should show dad some love too. Inviter wants to help you do … Read more #CelebrateDad Webinar June 9

5 Surprising Employee Engagement Statistics

These days, employees have numerous issues competing for their attention. From busy family lives to longer commutes to constant connectivity in a mobile world, your business may be struggling to keep employees tuned in and engaged.


However, with the average worker remaining at his or her job for only 4.4 years, employee engagement is more important than ever for retaining the talent you need to compete.

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2015 Marketing: Diversify Your Content

We hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. But now that Christmas is over, it’s really time to enjoy the rest of the quiet moments of 2014 and prepare yourself for 2015. Time-to-diversityEveryone wants to know what the next big thing will be in marketing. Marketers have made their predictions. Here are mine. Now forgive me because I am a bit biased. I look at marketing as an integrated system. You don’t just need one form of marketing whether it’s mobile, social, email, website…whatever. You need it all.  If I can give you one piece of advice (other than integrate all your marketing efforts) is to diversify your content.

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Holiday Brand Experience with Video Newsletters

For some industries, the holidays are a make it or break it, time of year. Retailers and e-commerce sites rely on this holiday season to make their goals. Some service industries thrive on the holiday season because people are traveling, spending time with their families, using more, needing more.

corporate video newsletters branding

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More Than a Thank You

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like this year is slightly different. I’m not noticing businesses getting into the holiday spirit as they did years prior.corporate business greetings thank you Christmas decorations alone don’t count. I’m talking about the noticeable lack of being thankful for customers. It’s sad to see as a marketer and consumer. The reality ladies and gentleman, is that consumers want to feel special. When they don’t, they don’t open their wallets. Simple as that.

It’s still not too late for businesses to show their appreciation and thanks to their customers.

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A Different Way to Connect with Customers

You hear quite a bit about the importance of video in marketing. Sure, all the fancy studies sound good. But how can you actually take the data that insists that using videos increases sales and profitability to use? You don’t have time to spend creating expensive videos. You don’t have the time either.


Or so you thought.

It is actually pretty easy. You just have to become an early adopter and do something that your competitors. Interested?

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