For some industries, the holidays are a make it or break it, time of year. Retailers and e-commerce sites rely on this holiday season to make their goals. Some service industries thrive on the holiday season because people are traveling, spending time with their families, using more, needing more.

corporate video newsletters branding

The big question is this. How can you ensure that you will make your goals this holiday season? Will it be the deals your customers can’t ignore? Will it be the outstanding level of customer care? One thing it should be…Branding.

With so many different messages out there, one thing should be consistent. Branding, no matter what the message, should be the same across all channels. It doesn’t matter what sale or promotion is running specifically for the holidays, you should follow your branding guidelines.

With Inviter’s event creation for corporate holiday video newsletters and business video greeting cards, that’s fairly easy. It’s really a matter of creating a template. Just like you would create an email template for newsletters and emails blast promotions, create your template in Inviter.

  • The background image should be consistent with header/background images of other channels (such as social media).
  • The messaging at the bottom should leave room for the actual event, but make sure to include the same content you have in other channels (contact info, links).
  • Make sure to keep the same tone of voice across all channels.

After the holidays are over, consumers will remember the brand experience. You’ll need that to carry you in Q1 of 2015. Make sure your brand experience is memorable, positive, and consistent.