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The chief of marketing was screaming beyond his energy levels addressing his team of creative marketing experts….


The leading E-commerce companies in the United States go through this routine as they gear up for every new launch. If one ranks the world’s largest B2C E-commerce companies solely based on the official revenue data, the US leads the world players with, Wal-Mart, etc. With a unique marketing strategy planned for each quarter, these companies beat their Chinese and French counterparts with their innovative thinking and customer retention. With huge landscape and more eager customers E-commerce ventures like Lenovo, Apple, Microsoft, etc. are releasing new products every second day. Rather than spending lavishly on product launch, the smart marketers are looking towards leveraging the power of the internet where time and money both are saved hugely.

How can Inviter Platform Help?

Inviter is an online platform for creating personalized videos and sending it to people via email. Currently, Inviter is famous for their wedding, birthday video invitations and video greetings for special occasions. Easy to learn and use, Inviter comes with a 14-day trial package. With a database management tool at the backend, maintaining the target list is simple and up-to-date. Inviter can act like a perfect launch vehicle for the new products in the online market.

With high purchasing power and urbanization, more internet users and customer’s willingness to favor online shopping, the United States is mushrooming with more E-commerce ventures every-day. To sustain in the market and in the heart of customers, retail giants should regress the power of social media. Inviter video newsletters are perfectly suited for such occasions. Companies can create and upload videos through Inviter describing their new product highlighting its awesome features and share it will their regular and potential customer base. The same video can be uploaded in Facebook Fan Pages and other blog spaces to acquire more hit rates and likes of the customers.

Reprise the power of internet. Extend the use of Inviter from homely invitations to promotional video newsletters to sell your new product to the eager customers all across the world via social media.