“What! Another email from our CEO? What is he saying? After you read let me know if it’s important OK”- said my best buddy. He knew I always prefer to read corporate mails in detail.


I love to learn and understand every information my company passes on to us. After all we are entitled to be happy at every big achievement, awards, mergers and other happening details about our brand world-wide. But most of the time, these e-mails are discarded as trash by most of our corporate colleagues. When questioned, many find the tone in which the content is written as non-amusing and un-appealing. This is surely a big communication problem between the top management and the employees and many high profile corporate giants face this problem day in and day out.

Will video emails solve the problem?

Using flamboyant words to communicate corporate decisions to employees is a formal way followed by enterprises since years. But as time changes, people and their perception too change. SMS which was once a rage is now replaced by instant messengers. Internet and technology has solutions for innumerable problem and one such brilliant technology is Video Emails.

Embedding video inside emails is known as video emails. Instead of writing pages to convey a simple message, a short and sweet video will connect easily with the workforce. Especially, the young generation loves to check videos more than reading boring emails. More importantly, the positivism and vibrancy that a voracious speaker creates through their recorded video message cannot be created even with thousand emails. Video emails are the best way to connect the great souls of top tier management to every single employee.

How Inviter’s video email works?

So, how to send video emails? Our open platform allows one to send video emails to multiple people in just one mouse click. All you need to do is to upload your video in Inviter and send the email to the recipients in the list. With speed of light, your video email reaches your target audiences and the job is well done. Inviter, with its market presence and seamless service is the ideal choice to send corporate video emails.

“What is this dude? A video email that too from the CEO! Wow… open let’s see what is he up to now”- my buddy again. But this time, we saw the video email message TOGETHER.