Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like this year is slightly different. I’m not noticing businesses getting into the holiday spirit as they did years prior.

corporate business greetings thank you

Christmas decorations alone don’t count. I’m talking about the noticeable lack of being thankful for customers. It’s sad to see as a marketer and consumer. The reality ladies and gentleman, is that consumers want to feel special. When they don’t, they don’t open their wallets. Simple as that.

It’s still not too late for businesses to show their appreciation and thanks to their customers.

It’s actually really and only takes about a half an hour if that. It doesn’t have to be a big production or cost a fortune. It just needs to be sincere, genuine, and memorable. Don’t let the memorable part scare you. Think about the simplest things that bring a smile to your face…then do it, but do it for your customers.

The words, “Thank you” are very powerful. All you need to do is use them now just in time for Thanksgiving.  One way to really make your customers feel appreciated is with a video. Put yourself in your customer’s position. Are you more likely to respond when you’re spoken to one-on-one or addressed as part of the masses?

The best way to convey a sincere thank you to your customers right in time for Thanksgiving is through a video greeting card sent via email. Inviter makes this super easy. Once you create your business account, you upload your video, event information, and contact list. Then just schedule and watch the data.

I mentioned that it doesn’t have to take long to actually do this. Honestly, it doesn’t. Take out your smartphone and create a sincere video where you speak to the customer. Notice the customer is not plural. You want it to appear like you’re only speaking to one person because it makes them feel a little extra special. A quick video about a min or two should do it. Then upload it to Inviter and you’re set. It really doesn’t take that long.

So there really isn’t a reason not tell your customers you appreciate them. Do it ASAP before Thanksgiving and they’ll remember come Black Friday and Cyber Monday.