How long have you been in the hospitality business? Does entertaining guests, explaining them about the place of stay and the bounties of the locale, making them feel comfortable with sweet words and healthy food etc. interest you? Do you wish to grow your business leaps and bounds using video this holiday season? Do you dream of going packed houses and running short of house help at your holiday home?


If you have a big ‘yes’ on your lips and dilated pupils as answer to all these questions, you are a restaurateur cum hotelier who dreams big. While your idea of a dream tourism destination is really applaud able, are you aware what steps will lead you to become a giant in hospitality business? Promotions and endless promotions – needless to say! And with a technology partner like Inviter at your side, the cyber promotions are impactful, fruitful and highly creative. Here are a few quick tips to promote business with Inviter video invitations and greetings this holiday season. Check these out and get inspired:

A breathtaking teaser

Inviter gives you the freedom to upload videos to a bunch of people and not just one or two recipient at a time. So, when you have a huge set of people viewing what you have in your bucket for them. Make sure you spend quite some money in designing the best video about the place and also about its beauty. You can get a professional shoot done to create an amazing promo video of the place.

Introduce your place

Many travelers would want to know the facilities they can enjoy before choosing the place of stay. To keep this audience entertained, use a video invitation which contains the salient points that highlight your place in comparison to others. You can even show your viewers the kitchen and housekeeping facilities, that will make your video more transparent and close to reality. Including a voice over or conducting a walking tour of the tourist spot with a celebrity adds more value to the video invite!

Customer feedback

When a customer signs off from your place, make sure to record their testimonial. With this you can improvise and share with your customers through our portal. Guests are allowed to post comments on your dashboard that can be used for promotions as well. Inviter helps you to collect such statistics so that you can make your video more informational and entertaining.

When a travel enthusiast looks for a comfortable place of stay, your video could steal his senses off. Inviter lets you upload numerous videos with no size restriction or quality constraints to your guest list to keep them hooked on to you as loyal customers. This digital gateway from Inviter helps you to reach to your customer in a personal level. And also connect to them and understand their preferences. So that you can provide them a homely atmosphere while they enjoy the bounty of nature.