It has been a hell of a rollercoaster ride, planning are preparing yourself for this day that has finally arrived. It took you a lot of time and efforts to brainstorm this new product with your whole team. And finally come up with something that gives you promising numbers through all your analytics that again you have been running time and again to ensure that there is no mistake in the predictions your product’s success. Once you had your whole product conceptualized, you worked so very hard on presenting it to the rest of your collaborators and stakeholders. To make sure that they stood convinced regarding the ability of your product to succeed in the market. Like we said, it has been quite a journey, yes.

product launch
Product Launch Event

Product Launch Invitations

The launch event of your product demands to be a social gathering. It leaves an impact on not just your team, your stakeholders, or your contemporaries from the industry, but also on those who get to hear the word from the others. Your team deserves every bit of the celebration. This event would be, to recognize them for the hard work and countless sleepless nights that they devoted to improve the quality of this product. Thus, the product launch event requires just as much of a careful planning. And also detailed organization for you to be able to throw a launch party that justifies all the efforts spent in materializing your product.

How it differ from others?

At Inviter, we understand your need to digitalize maximum of your efforts. So that you don’t have to manually follow through with every single preparation. With Inviter, you can avoid all the added efforts of designing the perfect invitation from the scratch and then getting it printed on the paper that you spend so much time on picking out and so much money on the good quality material. You can also avoid the pains of mailing this printouts to each and every guest of yours, with the risk of not being able to get their invite to them on time. And you can instead use the digital space to create innovative product launch invitations that features your product’s images or maybe even has a little clipping as your products promo.

You can even use the video feature to send out a message to your guests. By showcasing your journey and struggles with coming up with the product and how you aspire to make it big with this launch. A personal video message is a great way of connecting with your guests, making them want to personally attend the big launch of your product and be there to support your success. Our RSVP tracker helps you figure out the people who intend to make it for the event and you can work on your preparations accordingly. Allow Inviter to help you throw a product launch event with utmost ease. Our team of professionals will ensure that your guest list remains well organized and your guests are reminded time and again, about your upcoming big day.