The year has been quite a rollercoaster as you have managed to work day in and day out to finally get your art gallery set up. It took a tremendous amount of effort to get all the paperwork sorted. And situate it in one other the best streets that grab the right kind of attention from some big clients. You also had to pull off those all-nighters just so you could filter out all the entries that you received. And bring them down to some of the best art pieces that you would want to include as a part of your grand opening.


It wasn’t easy working with all those artists. Either, for some of them are really nice and welcoming and easy to talk business with, while others were pretty stern on their terms and conditions. And just didn’t understand how beautiful art and analytics could align with each other to give some excellent results.

The big celebrations

Your grand opening is to be witnessed by many. Including some of the really big names not only from the arts industry but others as well. Thus, your arrangements must all be top-notch. And since you’re celebrating modernity at your art gallery, it is crucial also that you take it a step ahead. And really strive to impress with your usage of technology. At Inviter, we help you do just that. We provide you just the right platform to unleash your creativity into cyberspace and make an impact that matters.

Creatively impressive invitations

Allow us to impress you and in turn, your guests – with our endless possibilities that shall enable you to create online invitations for your gallery’s launch. You can always play around with our video feature to add value to your invitation. Such that it gives a glimpse of the work showcased at your art gallery. And also helps your guests understand as to how high the bars have been set on this one. Let all your work and efforts reflect in the online invitations that you send across to your guests.

Once you are done creating the perfect online invitations with the right amount of video clippings and images doing justice to the little promo that you would want to share with your friends. Inviter takes over the rest of it. We send out these invitations to all your network across various social media platforms such as WhatsApp, texts, phone calls, emails, Facebook, and etc. It is also our responsibility to keep a track of all the RSVPs that your guests send out in response. Such that you are well aware of the company you must expect for the big day. Inviter also sends out reminder notes or calls to your guests so that they don’t miss out on your big success.\