How long has it been since you surprised your spouse? How long has it been since you wrote a greeting card with your hand? With the advent of emoji’s and smiley icons expressing love has become more like a game of dumb charades. Whether be it happy or sad or excited, your yellow smiley icons follow you everywhere. But don’t you think it is time for a change?

video greetings

Don’t you feel your eyes and lips can express your emotions way better than these round spherical toothy grins? If you feel so, try to grab the nearest computer next to you and type www.! What do you see there? It is a world where images, videos and hand written messages which make the day of many people living far apart from each other, yet living in each other’s heart. Inviter re-kindles the idea of making handmade greetings for occasions like party, holiday etc. How? Here is how you can design amazing holiday video greetings with Inviter portal for your beloved ones.

Surprise Surprise!

A surprise holiday plan is one of the best gifts you can give to your beloved. Planning every aspect meticulously, packing without his or her knowledge etc. adds spice and thrill to your life. Along with these mandatory things, how will it look when you pop a holiday video greeting in their mailbox, informing them about the lovely plan with a big smile of achievement on your face? Inviter makes this possible in just few clicks. All you need to do is shoot a video message using your handicam or phone and then upload the same in Inviter with a personalized message. It’s just that Simple!

Valentine's Day Video Greeting

Have fun this season…

With thanksgiving, a series of festivities begin to mark the end of the year and welcome new beginnings. If you miss your near one amidst all the happy moments, Inviter supplements you with the best help by letting you meet and greet them virtually in just a couple of clicks. Once your greeting message is designed, all you need to do is to add the recipients in the list and send this video greetings in less than a minute. Your greeting will reach 50 people in just one click and will connect you with them instantly. Thus, with digital connectivity spread all over the world, video greetings bring people closer beyond expectation.

There are numerous varieties of cards available in the market. Some have a recorded message, some glow when you open, some carry words that are delightful – but nothing can beat the happiness that a cute cuddle can bring on the face of your loved one! When you want to surprise such a person say with a holiday wish, the best way is to create the holiday video greetings and send them into their mailbox. And you bet! This would always be more memorable than the holiday itself.