When the whole world looks up at the clock striking twelve on the thirty first, it is the commencement of a new year! All new beginnings! The New Year eve’s party is one of the most awesome parties as it marks the celebration of an entire year in one night.

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New Year Greetings

Many corporate giants target the younger generation as they enjoy fun and frolic. Many display big hoardings of New Year eve party while some try to target the print medium. But being in digital era, most of the party organizers love to target the youngsters who are active in the internet via social networking sites. One such way is to design innovative online party invitations and greetings via the free website Inviter and upload it to a number of guests in one go! These wow greetings and invitations look ravishing, entertaining and also informative.

What makes them special? How does Inviter help party organizers to make their online party invitations and greetings exclusive and unique? Here are the answers for you to get enlightened:

Plan custom online party invitations

Inviter’s video invitations are not designed using any standard template. With this platform, you can create your own story that will attract the audience. You can also create personal videos greetings on New Year theme, add music, edit it if required and post it as a video message. You can even add the place, date and time information while sending out the invites to the guest list. All you need to do is to upload your video, update your guest list and say click in one go!

Create personalized messages

When there is Facebook and Twitter, why do you like Instagram or Snap Chat? The way these picture sharing tools edit and personalize your photos, you fall in love with these applications right? In a similar way personalized greetings or video messages add an extra flavor to the festive season. The audience too prefers to give importance to those invites which has a novel approach in it! Inviter video invites can thus give a suspense-filled surprise to all its recipients.

Happy New Year Video Greetings

Know who is coming and who not

Inviter video invitations are not just party invites! When you enable the RSVP feature while creating the video invitation, your guests get a voting option that helps them to confirm whether they can attend the event or not. This gives you a clear picture about the presence of the guests and you can plan things accordingly. Also when there is a change of venue or timing, these video invites can be updated in a fraction of seconds. You can re-send the invitation to the guests to avoid any confusion thereby saving time and money.

Try these and impress your invitees!

The free online portal Inviter helps in unleashing the creative minds to make the best video invitation or picture greeting without spending any penny out of your pocket. The biggest advantage that this portal offers to its users is that it is easy to learn and use. It helps to upload the video invitation to more than one recipient in only one click that saves time in plenty. With so much advantages in its kitty, the biggest online party invitations and greetings that wow the recipient is from the house of Inviter!