This monthly affair started off when all you ladies realized that how relaxing it is to spend some quality time in each other’s company. Away from the day to day madness of all the responsibilities that you carry around on your shoulders 24/7. It feels brilliant to let your hair down every once in a while and just enjoy the evening with all the other ladies from your circle. Apart from the humongous amount of healthy gossip that follows, you also get to share some great stories and experiences, along with some fresh new opinions towards different situations and aspects.

kitty party
Kitty Party Invitations

While the occurrence of kitty parties varies with the suitability of the whole group. Everyone takes turns into organizing the get-together. So as to divide the responsibilities equally and when there are a bunch of women involved – no matter how amazingly close they are, there is always a riff of healthy competition. Everyone wishes to organize better than their friends. Adding a little extra oomph factor to keep up the interest levels and well, this time around, it is your turn to throw a Kitty party. You can jazz it up by sending out the invitations in an interesting new way.

Kitty Party Video Invitations

With Inviter, you can use the tools to create a fun online kitty party video invitation. It can be as per your theme’s suitability or just something that’s witty and fun. The invitation message can vary in length. As per your creativity and once you’re done recording, you can absolutely trust Inviter to ensure that everyone receives their kitty party video invitation, that too on the social media platform that you and your ladies prefer to exchange information on.

Kitty party video invitation

Inviter then tracks the RSVPs of your guest list. So that you can be sure of the number of people intending to make it for the kitty party and can thus, organize the kitty party accordingly. You can even have an interactive poll sheet. It can help you analyze and figure out what all the ladies wish to have in the session organized by you. Trust Inviter to make your life much easier. As we help you keep a track of every single guest and also send out reminder mails or phone calls. So as to remind them of the upcoming kitty party. So basically, you can go hands-free from this big task of maintaining the guest list. And have Inviter help you organize the whole thing much more conveniently.