He has put the ring on and you cannot hold it any longer. Sending out your save-the-date is the first step towards your big day and is extremely exciting. It is the first announcement and breaking the news to your friends and family. You are getting hitched and you cannot keep calm. Makes sense. Getting married is quite a task. It is an all-consuming affair which requires your attention at every hour for the preparations. At times it gets so hectic that one tends to forget that the guests need to accommodate their dates and schedule to be present at your wedding. Save-the-date is hence very important to be sent out before anything else.

save-the-date invitations

Before jumping onto the traditional and classic mode of save-the-date, think how good it would be to save some time. Sending out paper ones give something to cherish later but how beneficial is it actually? In the modern day of practicality, digital save-the-dates are the best way to let people know. Inviter gives you many options for electronic save-the-dates. For example, you can choose the option of video hosting, which lets you include a video in your save-the-date. It will give it a very personal touch. It is often the belief that email invitations are for informal events such as Sunday brunches and bachelor parties. But the fact remains that if it is a convenient and secure way to let people know, why not use them for weddings as well.

Save-the-date Online Invitations

On Inviter you will find yourself spoilt with options. There are beautiful pre-created templates for your convenience. All you have to do is put all the necessary information and your save-the-date is good to go. There are printed cards too if you are looking forward to something decorative. It also has the option of flash cards. With so many advantageous recourses, why would someone choose to send out the time consuming and repetitive paper save-the-dates?

Another added advantage of using Inviter is that it lets you personalize your send outs. It is not a formal invitation and therefore you can play around with it. Be it just photos or videos, you can show off a bit of you and your fiance’s personalities. It can also have a few illustrations or contain snaps from your engagement shoot. You are free to choose anything for your save-the-dates. The formal invitations are to go out later anyway, so why not have some fun with the save-the-dates? You can also include your wedding website if you create any.

Inviter gives you endless possibilities of sending out save-the-dates rather than sticking to the traditional ones. In this era where everything is digital, hardly anyone has the tome to go and check their mailboxes. It is just better to send such news on online so that the guests get ample time to fit your wedding into their schedule. You wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on your wedding, would you? Got any other thoughts about save-the-dates? Feel free to share them with us.