All your life, you somehow wait for that one perfect person to come along and sweep you right off your feet, someone who joins in to celebrate both your lives together. The person who is worth all the humongous efforts that you require to keep a relationship steady. Marriage starts with two simple words, ‘I Do’ but it takes so much more to keep up with the responsibilities that follow and the level of maturity and exceptional understanding required to make it all work out. For this is a commitment that is meant to bind you for the rest of your lives. When that person comes into the picture and you both finally fall on the same page of life and decide to get married, your whole world ought to Save the Date. So as to watch the two of you get hitched amongst all things beautiful.

Save the Date

Marriage is a milestone event that marks the beginning of brand-new relationships not only between the bride and the groom, but also bringing in their families together. It is an occasion that you get to share with all your family and friends who have been a part of your life somehow. The traditional methods of sending out save the date wedding invitations via mails, stand a great risk that the mail might not reach the intended invitee on time or might as well get misplaced somewhere down the line. Thus, Inviter helps you utilize the technology in your favor and reach out to all your family and friends in the most impactful manner.

save the date video invitations

Save The Date Video Invitations

Send out video invitations that comprise of a warm clip which passes out a glimpse of your happiness to all your guests, making up for an effective way to get them all to attend. These Save the Date video invitations can also be a video compilation of some lovely images. Preferably from your pre-wedding shoot, mixed with a beautiful background song- a recipe that leaves everyone in awe of your happiness. Inviter provides you with the most effective tools to bring together this brilliant video invitation and helps you sort your guest list with absolute ease.

With Inviter, you can not only send out some creative video invitations up on your preferred social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook or even e-mails – but you can also have the RSVPs neatly arranged on your regularly updated tracker mails. Inviter even sends out reminder calls and e-mails to all your guests. So that they don’t forget the date that they have saved to be celebrating out your grand new beginning.