The event is all set to the date, and how about getting a pop up notification on your mobile phone on that very day? The world is so much used to digitization that everyone chooses to use the computer or mobile phone for setting reminders.


With the current event strategies, event holders are using the online invitation programs to send bulk invites because they find it much more convenient and beneficial rather using paper invites.

Creating online video invitations are much easier and work faster than any other medium. You can instantly create a quick draft, add a video clip or an image and send it instantly to a batch of people. But unless you are too experienced with it, you cannot create that impressive effect with digital invitations. So look for the professional video invitation makers or websites who specialize in creating an exceptional invitation for your event. These guys are the best in this industry and have made a mark in generating digital invitation videos for all kinds of event.

What are the digitized online invitations?

Online invitations can come in various facades and arrangements such as,

Video Invites – This includes a video message with customized email and guest page options.

Google Calendar – Includes the event details loaded on a particular date that can be saved in your Google Calendar.

EGreetings – Saves the paper cost and generates an e-greeting that can be sent to your friends and family via email or social network.

Websites – Create a website with your event details, venue, story and contact details.

Will the online video invitations work for my wedding?

The video invitations are not just meant for the smaller events, but they are considered as a primary choice for the huge event holders too. Whether be it your wedding party, or a company event, or maybe your kid’s birthday, video invitations work impeccably for any occasion. It is very simple and easy to generate your invitation video and you can choose your own texts, images, and a video clip to be included in it. It works more effectively than the paper invitations because its reach is greater and attracts a wider number of audience. Video invitations can be used for a global purpose too. If a family person or friend stays abroad, then you can use that video card to send them a heartfelt invitation. And trust me, they will be really obliged to have it.

How to create a video invitation?

The steps to creating a video invitation are really easy and simple, log on to and click on “Create a new event” on your dashboard.

  • Enter your event details
  • Upload your video or a photo
  • Customize your email template
  • Customize your guest page
  • Email the invitations

You will find your invitation video sent to your guests in minutes with RSVP options.

Benefits of video invitations

Using digital online invitations is not only easy but is also beneficial to the event holder, as well as to the guests.

It is cheap: Digital online invitations come within your budget and cuts down the paper cost. It also curtails the courier charges and can be sent for free.

Get instant RSVP: Know instantly who’s coming to your event and who’s not. With a simple click on Yes or No, you can calculate your guests in real-time without having waited for their replies.

Update at lightning speed: You can update all your guests at once about the latest happenings of the event without individually informing everybody.


Thus, you can see how beneficial and easy it is to create the digital online invitations. With a simple video invitation, you can touch the hearts of the global audience and let them recognize their sphere in your life. You can put the smiles, the words, and pour down the feelings from your heart and make your event really a special one.