As you all know, that social media is on the trend these years. And also the maximum number of people utilize this platform for any kind of event creation or occasion invites. The reason behind these online invitations is the maximum follow-ups and response rate, which are highly missing in paper invitations.


Since the free online invitations are much influencing to the public, it is developing over time with a varied range of services and procedures. Till now you must have seen only the eGreetings and Facebook events, but one more service is there which even more is compelling.

Online Video Invitations:

The online video invitations, as much as I have seen, is more convincing. With a physical message, you can really touch the heart of the invitee, which cannot be done with event creation or eGreetings. So this service called has come up with a number of video invitation templates and variants which can beguile your guests with personalized messages.

The video invitation is perhaps one of the intriguing ways to invite people because they can hear your voice and feel your presence as you invite them. It touches the person emotionally with your warm expressions and feelings. You can even customize your video invitation with a beautiful collection of templates. This makes it look even more beautiful with the adjusted colors and personalization.

Influence of free online invitations on social media:

Now you must be wondering how to influence your social media contacts with a video invitation. Let me tell you that a video invitation is globally shareable and so it is far more convincing than the other medium of invitations. You can easily share your video to your social media timeline and tag your friends whom you want to invite. Even you can share it personally with your invitees via a personal message or email. As soon as the person sees the video, he/she will be emotionally touched by your message and seeing you on it will finally convince them to be your guest.

Nowadays this procedure of invitation is being used by a number of people for any kind of occasion. Whether it is your birthday, or a wedding, or any official party, a video invitation can be used for any purpose or event. It is extremely a working method to call a huge list of guests at once. Even if you are organizing a small party with your friends, you can use video invitations and send them personally or through the social media. As they will like and comment on the video invite, it will create a huge impact on the other fellows and this is how your invitation will spread widely.


Thus, you can see what major influence the online invitation creates for people. The social media is popular for making go things viral and so does the invitations. So it is the love and gratitude of the people who made the online invitations develop from a seed to well-grown tree.