Weddings are exciting highlights of the year. Undoubtedly, the events involved in the whole wedding fiasco as one of its kind. Right from the wedding invitations to the decoration & dress code, everything in a way changes with the trend. Nobody wants to be outdated after all.

wedding invitation video
wedding invitations

As we talk about trends, wedding invitations are undoubtedly changed over times. We no longer completely depend upon printed invitation cards. In fact, couples these days are moving towards digitalized invitations in the form of pictures, videos and so on.

Wedding Invitation Video

In case, you are opting for a video invite or your friend is, these tips are going to help you out in a lot many ways. Here are some do(s) and don’t(s) to take care of in case you are going to wedding invitation video.

Let’s first figure out the do(s) of wedding Invitation video:

1. Pick relevant pictures:

Make sure that the pictures you wish to incorporate in wedding video are relevant enough. Pictures that portray love between the bride & groom are good to go. Avoid putting too many family photos in the videos.

2. Shorter the better:

Your wedding invitation video is special but, making it too long would only end up snatching its charm. Make it in such a way that it is short, crispy & relatable. Adding unnecessary length to it wouldn’t make sense to it.

3. Theme:

If you could make a theme, it could be great! People love stories and themes. If you can pick up a theme and make your video around it then nothing like it. Thematic videos are always preferable.

We move to the don’t(s)

1. Too long in duration:

Okay, so we understand that all your photos are important to you but, that doesn’t mean you would end up dumping everything in the video. Remember, shorter the better.

2. Personal not private:

There’s a difference between personal and private. Putting up a lot of pictures that necessarily do not go well with the wedding mood could be a turn-off. It is advised to keep it sober & decent.

3. Get going:

A lot of wedding invites lose their charm only because of the bet around the bush too long. When it is a wedding invite, it is best that you come to the point ASAP.

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