Bella has always been a people’s person. Whether it was her office, the parties she went to, or her relatives, everyone considered her the life of the occasion. That’s exactly the reason many of them felt bad when she didn’t invite them on the biggest day of her life.


Very few knew it was unintentional. They genuinely were left out by mistake. Only if she knew about

There are so many instances like that of Bella. Not only does the person who gets missed out feels bad, it becomes embarrassing to explain why were they not invited. Out of so many chores to smoothly run out for an occasion, sending invites is a task you can trust blindly on

Who says you can’t go personally to invite everyone?

Inviting the guests personally not only gives them the feel of being important in your life but also makes them understand the significance of the occasion, and inviter does exactly that for you. The revolutionary online video invitations feature gives you the freedom to choose your words and personally communicate the invitation without having to travel the distance.

Why an video invitation? Because a person should just not read an invitation but feel it. Whether it is a wedding invite or even a simple reminder of an appointment, a personalized invitation shows – you care.

Moreover, a video allows you to think and select the best words and style to make your invite more appealing.

Creating a video message cannot get simpler than it is at Record, personalize, share and communicate your invitations in a jiffy. Let your friends also join your happiness and spread it on the social media. breaks the barrier of not being able to send free online invitations to your loved ones because of time constraints or the distance. Record a video message from your phone or desktop, upload it and send it to your loved ones. Your video invitation will have your own style, creativity, and essence.

Benefits of Online Video Invitations

The power of online video invitations at does not limit you to just recording your messages. You can schedule the sending time and date, manage it on the go with a delightful mobile app, receive RSVPs, and even manage your engagement reports through the analytical reports.

What else? You can even customize your invite as per the importance of your guests. Take help of the custom – made invitation templates and even ask for exclusive design to be made for your special occasion.

Be imaginative and ensure each of your loved one is a part of your special occasion, because the best celebrations of life are with the ones you love.

Once you signup, you can send your invite for free to upto 25 guests. No card required!!