How many of you love to click pictures? Do you like to make memories with photos and videos? Do you revisit your picture archive frequently? Do you like to use your pictures to express your love for the near and dear?


If your answer is a big and loud ‘yes’ to all the questions, you are the right person to create eye-catchy wedding invites in the most innovative way using the free video invitations and video greetings platform Inviter. Wondering how? Let us give you a brief overview of how to do this effectively:

Cater your story in the form of an Inviter Video

Wedding invitations carry the prime information about the groom and the bride in general. But what if a wedding invite contains a story of how the boy and the girl met and decided to stay together for the rest of their life? Inviter makes this journey a blissful one by supporting you with a vista to make such eventful and expressive videos. You can compile your photos with cool background music where in you can narrate your love story; you can get your family and friends speak about your togetherness; you can even give a virtual tour of the wedding venue and show your excitement which will make your near and dear book their tickets immediately and rush to your wedding to be a part of your ‘Big’ Day celebration without giving a second thought. Inviter is thus one very easy and cost-effective option that makes wedding video invites special, creative and out of the box.

Perks of creating wedding video invites through Inviter

Inviter is not just a quick option for wedding invitation design but also is an eco-friendly option where one shall not waste paper in designing free online wedding invitations. Also, it can bridge family and friends over geographical boundaries. It can even take your heartiest message to someone who is a bit annoyed with you or can bring someone closer with whom unintentionally a gap is created. Inviter has become that one virtual wedding organizer which not only is responsible for sharing the invites but also collects data about the number of guests who will attend the wedding. One can utilize the RSVP feature to request recipients to confirm their availability for the wedding. This way Inviter helps two-way communications between the hosts and guests along with an invite memorable for lifetime!

Vouch for Inviter for creating eye-catching wedding video invites that will last for long in everybody’s mind.

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