Be it a new bride, a groom or a party host, his or her temporary focus is always on the dress, jewelry, and makeup ideas to make himself or herself look special and well-groomed for the event. But the fact is though they lay their utmost effort on looking their best on their special day, all will go futile if there is no guest to adorn the event and to compliment their look.


If you are confused how to invite all your guests to your event without any miss, here is an irresistible way to make your guests attend your party devoid of a single excuse.

Vouch for DIY video invitations to reach them out

You heard it right. Creating attractive online video invitations and sending them to the esteemed guests is the latest trend that you can vouch for. The DIY video invitations are not just formal invitations, but these are personalized messages that you can directly send to each person on your guest list. You can not only send a sweet message along with a video but you can share your memories in the form of image collages and music to relive the past nostalgia. Such a special video invitation will certainly make the person on the other end emotional and desperate to reach you crossing all geographical barriers. And to your wonder, all these you can do with the magical online video sharing platform Inviter.

Do it in your style on Inviter!

Yes, you can do it in your own unique style on the portal of Inviter! After all, it is your event and you will decide what message you want to give to your guests and what all you want to share with them. Just record a video of the party venue using your phone, include your lovely emotional message, compile some memorable pictures along with appealing music, add catchy themes if you feel to and your personalized free online video invitation will be ready to be sent to your valuable guest. In the entire process of creating your personalized video invitation, Inviter will be your best support. Sounds amazing right? Indeed, it’s that easy to make DIY free online video invitations on Inviter that your guests will love.

So, start sending creative Inviter video invitations designed by you right from today for the upcoming event and enjoy the day being surrounded by all your near and dear ones.