If internet has changed anything in our lives exceedingly, it’s the way we contact with others, and thus have changed our invitations. Today, you can send personalized e-invites to your friends and loved ones for the special occasions you are planning to host.


With enhanced features and a thoroughly organized platform, Inviter.com has taken E-invitations or more appropriately video invitations to a whole new level. At Inviter, it’s very easy to load your video over an appropriate theme and send your invitations or greetings to your friends and counterparts.

Video Invitations at your finger-tips

Inviter presents an all-in-one video invitations platform for businesses, event organizers and personal event hosts. You are pampered with a series of enticing features such as saving the date, Thank You note etc. Users can choose one of the many exciting themes and upload their videos for giving a personal touch to their invitations. You can also personalize the written message and its background. All in all, the entire feel of your invitation is so delightful and imposing that it creates an impressive effect on the invitee and attaches a special meaning to your event.

Make it once and use multiple times

Whether you are hosting a wedding party, a birthday party, an anniversary or a corporate event, you can easily create and send impactful video invitations to your friends, acquaintances and business associates. With smartphone revolution and higher accessibility to handheld video recording gadgets such as handycams and digicams, it’s pretty easy nowadays to shoot short videos and share it with others. With inviter, you can give a new meaning to your personal videos and invitations as a whole. It just takes few minutes to create your personal video invitation, and you can send it multiple times to multiple persons whether immediately or at a future schedule.

Vital Statistics – know how your invitations are performing

Want to send greetings to your clients, employees and business partners? Create video greetings and share it easily and effectively with Inviter. It helps you to track the event engagement, and customer reach statistics are sent right to your inbox. You also have the facility to automate the events to be sent in future or immediately. You can also analyze the engagements with relevant data such as look-up views counts, number of shares and click-through rates.

Simplified user interface to manage your invitations effectively

Other enticing features that make your invitation sending simple and manageable are –

  • Track Activity
  • View and manage RSVP’s
  • Send Reminders
  • Guest Engagement Reports to inbox
  • Email bounced Reports

With Inviter, sending invitations is a fun filled activity, and with creative videos, impressive messages and attractive themes, you can add life to the plain old invitation making them more interesting, eye-catching and result-oriented.