Whether it is a corporate event or a social function, one of the most challenging parts of organizing a party is designing effective invitations. Many of us have seen the transition from paper invitations to emails and then even video invitations.


However, earlier the video invitations provided little scope for customization as they were pre-designed animated videos. However, nowadays it is possible to create tailor-made videos and send them across to as many people as you want. What’s more, you can even get the benefit of free video invitations with some of the websites providing this service.

Send video invitations using Inviter

This is because video invitations are a rather recent concept and this is the reason that most people are unsure of the impact that they will have. This is the reason that they are unwilling to spend money on something that is not tried and tested by them. Most of the websites providing the services of sending video invitations realize this fact and provide the facility of sending a few initial emails free of cost. Inviter – It is one of the website, that allows first-time users to send free video invitations up to 25 guests. This is an excellent option for people who only need to send invitations to a small number of people.

The best part is that apart from trying out the website you are also able to touch the hearts of the recipients in an affordable manner. This is because you can convey your feelings and thoughts in any manner that you choose. Of course, one method is to film yourself simply speaking out the things that you want to say. The other method is to be a little creative and create an interesting story with the help of a few props and different backdrops. You can also involve other people in the making of the video and create a short play that conveys your message eloquently. Adding some music or a particular song can also be a great way of making your video more expressive. Then again you can also add the clips of some movies of your favorite stars.

However, you need to bear in mind that you should not go overboard with the creative part especially if it is a corporate invitation. You need to keep the recipient’s sensitivities in mind and make sure that you do not offend anyone. Also, if it is a formal occasion then the tone of the invitation should also be formal. Another thing to consider is the theme of the party and design the free video invitations around them. Make sure that the ambiance of the venue and the nature of the occasion are reflected in the video.

Remember that this is an opportunity to touch the hearts of the recipients. If it is a corporate invitation that you are sending out, then a few words thanking and appreciating your employees for their hard work will go a long way in enhancing employee loyalty. On the other hand, if it is your near and dear ones you are sending the invitation to then make it a point to express your gratitude for the role that they play in your life.