60th wedding anniversary is no less than a milestone for a couple who have spent so many years together. While our parents never get tired of working around the clock, their 60th wedding anniversary is definitely an opportunity to make them feel special and valued. It’s true that you would already be busy brainstorming with numerous ideas for the occasion.

60th wedding anniversary

However, the best gift that can make this occasion memorable is to revisit the lane of nostalgia by planning an entire wedding ceremony for your parents. Perhaps, this way, even you can get a chance to experience the pure happiness and joy of reliving those precious memories.

Yes! We understand that it would be a bit difficult to manage everything all at once. But here’s a trick that can work to simplify your task: Online Wedding Video Invites! Considering that the most time-consuming tasks of all wedding preparations is physically visiting and inviting all your guests. Our digital solution of video wedding invites can save you a lot of time to concentrate on other tasks.

Digital Online Invitations for 60th Wedding Anniversary:

In case, if you are new to the concept of digital wedding invites then let’s familiarize a bit with this new trend. Similar to the traditional invites, the new video invites are soft copies of invitees with the addition of audio-visual which are sent across through the emails. Available at relatively lower costs, these invites retain the traditional impact of customization and gratitude for all your guests.

So, if you like this idea then let us focus on how you can design this online invites. The entire process starts with registering and logging yourself in the free wedding invite video maker portal. After you log in successfully, explore the templates that you think will suit the theme of your occasion. Integrate the template with your video inviting your guests and preview it to check for any errors. Once, the preview suits your requirement, save or download the video invite and email it to your guests.

Thus, in this way you can save a lot of time that is spent on manual invitations. Apart from this, the money saved can be spent on arranging gifts and decorations, helping you in managing your budget efficiently.

If you like our unique trick of using digital video invites, then do let us know through your comments. Also, any innovative suggestions for online video invites are welcomed!