College life always forms to be the best phase of a life for every individual. Free from all the tensions, it’s the phase of your life where you enjoy to your fullest. Unfortunately, it’s also the phase where the majority of us have to manage most of our parties on a shoe-string budget.

party on a shoestring budget

So with the approaching new year, if you find yourself facing a similar situation then you have landed on a perfect solution for your problem. Read on as we provide you with four cheap thrills that can help you throw an awesome party with limited financial resources.

Arrange for Local DJs:

No party is complete without a rocking DJ. However, if you plan to approach a professional DJ, they are certainly going to charge you a bomb for providing their services. So, the best technique is to settle for a local DJ artist. To be extra sure, you can always provide a playlist of songs that you wish to have at your party.

Online Party Invites:

Instead of wasting your funds on party invites, try using the online free party invitation video maker. Extremely easy to design, through the available themes, you can intermix your customize digital party invites and send it to your friends through various platforms.

Food Arrangements:

As far as possible, try to stick to light delicacies and finger food. If you have a relatively less number of people coming up, then you have the choice of pot party or else you can try to stick to dry snacks and finger foods as they are tasty and are comparatively cheaper.

Memory Table:

As a symbol to treasure your memories, you can have a memory table at your party with a plain white paper for your guests. Your guests can sign and write a message on the table.

Thank You Letters:

As a token of gratitude, you will have to arrange for something. While it’s difficult to buy gifts with a water tight budget, hand-written personalized thank you notes will certainly be an apt choice for your guests.

Having said that we hope by now you would already have your brain churning more creative ideas to arrange that party on a shoestring budget.

We would certainly love to hear those ideas, do let us know about your innovative hacks for a party on a shoestring budget.