There may be many reasons why you have to send corporate invites: new product launch, the relaunching of a product, your company has achieved a milestone and you want to celebrate it, or any other occasion when you simply wish to celebrate your company’s success.


Regardless of the type of event, you will leave no stone unturned to make it a big success. But, what actually is the success of an event? It is not the decoration of the venue or the food served in your event. Instead, it is the presence of your guests. The more guests are in your celebration, the better your event is. And without any doubt, ‘invitation’ plays an important role in whether a person will show up in your event or not.

The best way to send invites of your corporate event is to go personally to each and every person and invite them. But, doing so is not at all possible in today’s time-crunched world. Then, what? You are left with the only option to call or send plain emails. Though sending emails or calling individuals is one of the most frequently used ways to send invites, this method lacks a personal touch. The people you are going to send invites must be receiving a good number of calls and emails.

So, it is quite probable that your email or call may be lost in the routine calls and emails. Then, what you will do to leave a lasting impact on invitees’ minds.

Corporate video invites are the most effective way to send corporate invitations in today’s busy world. They are a good alternative to meeting people personally and invite them. The best thing about corporate video invites is that they provide the recipients with the feel of a personal touch. It is just like you are present there and inviting your corporate friends. The smile on your lips, radiant expressions of your face, and excitement in your voice can be conveyed perfectly through corporate video invites.

And the best part is it only takes just a few seconds to create video invites. What you need to have, at the time of creating video invites, is a video that you want to use in your video invite. The entire process is hassle-free. These video invites have many advanced features such as integrated calendar, RSVP tracking, schedule reminders, and much more. Also, there are different pricing plans to meet varied demands of clients.

So, now, what are waiting for? Surprise your corporate friends with video invites. This way, you will certainly leave a lasting impression on your invitees’ minds and witness a huge presence of guests at your event.