Online birthday party invitations offer you a number of advantages over the traditional way of inviting. The online invites help you to choose from a number of invitations designs and styles and offer a multitude of customization options as well.


Hence, you can easily modify your invitation to be playful, elegant and humorous among other styles. The online birthday video invitations help you to add a personal touch to the invitations, and you can inform your guests about the time, date and venue of the event in a fast and speedy way on the internet itself.

Here Are Top 5  Benefits Of Online Party Invitations

Choose from an Array of Designs and Styles:

Your birthday is an only once-a-year happening chance when you can invite the people you love and care about. You can customize your invitation by choosing from a number of digital styles, designs, and graphics and make the most beautiful and attractive invitation for your guests.


Want to use those special videos that you shot with your mobile’s back camera? Online birthday bash invites are the best way to customize your invitations with your favorite videos that you took yourself. Just upload them online and you are ready to roll!  You can also choose from millions of online videos and can make your invitation video perfect!

Online RSVP:

Your online invites and would-be guests can also answer your invitation through their smartphones/mobiles. You may know beforehand the number of people who would be attending your birthday party and plan according to the number of guests.

The Greeting Board:

Your guests can write to you their greetings and wish you for the occasion through the online greeting board.  Your friends and family members can input their wishes and greetings in the online Greeting board that reach you instantly. Your party lasts for more number of days and weeks this way and guests and friends who are unable to reach to the party destination on time send you their best wishes through the online mode.

Prompt and Specific Notifications:

Notify your guests about the time, venue, and place of the event through your online video invitation in almost no time! Your guests can add the party reminder to their online calendars and other notification centers as well. The invitation can also be scheduled to be sent automatically at any time you desire. As the invitations are also easily viewable on a smartphone, your guests can be informed while on the go also. What’s more, you can also share your invitations and videos on social media!