Who doesn’t like to party? We all love some awesome party on the weekend to enjoy the break and meet new friends. Parties are one place where you can be yourself and drink and eat as much as you want. To throw an awesome party is an art we all need to learn. Here are some cool ways to make the party even more fun.

  • Make sure you welcome your guest as soon as they arrive. Even if it’s casual event or dinner party or just dancing and DJ-ing. Make them feel comfortable and guide them thru the house. Where to find drinks, where to find snakes, where to put their coat, these are the things which make them feel like they belong here.
  • The first 5 minute of the party is a mood setter. Make sure to plan ahead and make as much as enjoyable. Start with music or a toast; you need to set the mood and expectation high so that even if your party goes south, people will remember the warm welcome they get.
  • Make a theme for the event. Themes are the biggest trends of our time. Parties without themes are dull and uninspiring. Find a suitable theme as per your guest or make something crazy so that they would be flabbergasted by just entering your home.
  • Games and activities are the heart and soul of the parties. People will talk for weeks how much they had fun at your parties by just participating in simple drinking games or activities. Play different kind of music on which they can dance or just enjoy it.
  • Invite people from all the different background. Don’t just get your close friends, it would become boring sometimes. Invite your next door neighbor, your colleague who loves movies, and your college mate who is good at sports. With mixing up all the different kind of people, you will give your guest a chance to enjoy the conversation and the party.
  • Bring something new to the table. People always forget those parties where they can eat and drink and go home. Make it more epic by introducing some new element. Make some killer cocktail or themed food which can be fun too. Keep them entertain and also don’t play the music too loud that they can’t have even a conversation. Pitching something out of the box will always surprise your guest.
  • Make the last hour unforgettable. People always forget about the first and the middle part but they always remember the last thing they did. If it’s a dinner party than have an amazing dessert or if it’s just formal party then take out the candy bag and bars so that they take it home too. Making your party cooler and fun is not that hard if you have all the right ingredients.