Invitations need to be written carefully. It’s the first impression of an upcoming event which everyone is excited about. There are certain etiquettes we need to know before making an invitation to avoid any blunders. We need to understand that what we think practical and proper, sometimes sound rude to other people. So here are things you should never mention in invites.



Many young couples get specific in their wedding invitation about the gift. They may be suggesting a practical solution of getting something they wanted which could be useful and helpful, but it’s not advisable to write gift specifically in the wedding invitation, so might want to skip that parts.


Nowadays, people want their wedding to be perfect and they don’t like interruptions, especially during speech or announcement. Having little baby could not give you a guarantee that they will not a make ruckus out of it. Crying and screaming babies take all the attention away from bride and groom and ruin their special day. But you just can’t write No children or only adult at the invitation. Choose people wisely and avoid this kind of mistakes. Sometimes it could ruin friendships. Also never mentioned in children’s birthday party invitation that pick up your children at a specific time. Tell them personally what time is party completed.


Most of the weddings have their own website or page, in which you can find everything in detail. Venue and timing and everything important, but it’s wrong to put that detail on your wedding invitation. Long website name makes it odd and reduces the beauty of it. Share with them personally.


You don’t want alcohol to be served at your wedding, or you just want light beer and other, but it doesn’t need to be an invitation. Everyone is coming to your wedding to attend; writing the specific detail about alcohol makes it unattractive.

Use Names:

Inviting people and remembering each and everyone is a difficult task. We need to remember their name and their partner name. If you write an invitation to a couple and write to XYZ and guest, it sounds inappropriate. It’s better to make a call and ask for the name.

Pre and Post Wedding:

Wedding invitation only contain, name and date and venue. You can add beautiful personal message but no need to give a full schedule for the wedding. Rehearsal dinner and reception is the separate thing which could be given personally or by word of mouth.

These are just a little detail which needs to be written cautiously. Make sure to show your first copy to your family so that if something missed out or improper could be ruled out.