Special occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and even holidays are the times when you get the opportunity to convey your good wishes to your loved ones. Earlier people made use of paper cards which were usually printed with messages created by a writer.


There was no scope to personalize these messages and if people did try to make hand-made cards and write down messages of their own then they were not eloquent enough. Slowly paper cards were replaced by emails and then videos, but even these had very limited scope for customization and eloquence. This is when advancement in technology enabled people to send customized video greetings by email.

Send free video greetings to your loved ones

You can create videos with the help of a camera phone or by hiring good quality videography equipment. If you want to give them a professional touch then you can hire a videographer for the shooting of the videos. This is especially advisable in the case of corporate greetings. Once the video is made comes the part of creating and sending video greeting to the intended recipients and this is very simple. There are a few websites that offer the services of sending video greetings via email to a number of recipients at the same time. What’s more some of these websites like Inviter provides a free initial trial wherein you can send free video greetings to a limited number of people.

Hence your only expense if at all will be that of creating the video. This makes sending video greetings a very cost-effective method of conveying your message which is much more effective compared to paper cards or even e-greetings. The best part is that you can give your imagination a free rein while designing the videos. You can use a number of props, backdrops, music etc. to add eloquence to your invitation message. This is also an opportunity to tell your loved ones that you have them in your thoughts and you remember their important days. This will tell them that they are truly loved and cherished and will touch their hearts in a very tender manner.

These video greetings can also be usually accompanied by text messages which can help you to convey extra messages – maybe a poem or a quote – which will add extra meaning to the message. For making the video message mean more to the recipient you can include clippings or photographs of you two together or with your respective families. Then again you can stage and shoot a play that depicts the importance of your relationship and the wonderful times that you have shared together.

One thing that you need to keep in mind while creating the free video greetings for corporate events or holidays is that they need to have a formal tone. Here you should avoid going overboard with your creativity and make sure that you do not hurt anyone’s sensitivities. In corporate greetings, the message should also contain some appreciation of the recipient’s hard work towards making the organization a success. You can include photographs of the special occasions that commemorate their hard work and sincerity.