We all have been sending and receiving printed greetings since decades now. Greetings are lovely to receive. They are simple and yet somehow always has enough to hold our feelings carefully folded in the form of words.

As the world stepped towards digitalization a lot of things evolve. Right from our ways of celebrating occasions to our gifting patterns – everything has gone through a change and so are your greeting cards.

video greetings

Have you ever tried sending video greetings on occasion? Well, they are simple, interesting and fun. Basically, they are everything that you want your gift to be.

Here is the list of occasions which are suitable to for video greetings.

1. Birthday parties:

It could be your friend’s birthday party or perhaps our sibling’s – a video greeting is an all-time favorite way to send the best of your wishes to your person. You can simply record your voice or add a bunch of pictures. This personal way of wishing them is surely going to touch the chord of their hearts

2. Office farewell:

You are bidding a goodbye to your colleague, isn’t it? Do you think a printed greeting card would suffice everything? You can make it a little more personalized for your colleague who made your office bearable all this while. Talk about your colleague in the video or put funny pictures. There is an endless scope of creativity.

3. Festivals:

Whether it is Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine or just about any other festival, if you are looking for a beautiful way to express your gratitude towards your loved ones then go for video greetings. A online video greeting can be one of the best ways to tell your loved ones that life is a celebration because of them.

4. Wedding:

Oh! So, you have a delightful invitation in your hand but what are you going to gift the bride and the groom? Yes! Presents are way too common to even think but, what apart from that? Think of a video greeting! If the bride or the groom is your friend, then make it a personalized one otherwise stick to formal one. Either way, it is going to be interesting enough.

5. Name giving ceremony:

This beautiful occasion can be made even more special for the parents if you decide to send a video greeting. With numerous templates available on the website, you can pick the best one and we will make a video greeting for you.

How to get it done?

In case you are wondering if it is at all easy to make a video greeting then let us tell you, it is. Just pick up a template from our website. We have several templates that cater to multitude occasions. Once you opt for a design, we shall get in touch with you. Post this stage, you can relax resting all the work upon us.

It will just take 30 minutes to make an interesting and customized video greeting for you.