Gone are the days when bachelor party meant only for “men” because – “why should men always have fun?” Unlike olden days where weddings would be filled with rituals, today’s weddings are a mix of rituals along with a twist of modernity.


As a matter of fact,  in the modern times even modern brides are willing to arrange parties only for their girlfriends and have fun till the break of dawn!

Alright then, without stretching  in any more, let’s get to a list of 5 bang on ideas for bridal parties that you cannot say NO to. Read on!

Fine dine – Indeed food is always an excellent solution to distress in your wedding hustle. While some brides love their party to have some action, some prefer being sober and elegant in their parties and what can be greater than an elegant dinner with an intoxicating wine and lavish dine?  For once do not think twice for that extra piece of chocolate brownie. Loosen up,  admire the ambiance and let your lovely ladies enjoy. You can send in free online invitations to your friends making it more personalized.

Theme it up –To make your party way too quirky make it a point to pick up a theme that would suit the day most. Perhaps you can pick up a theme of fairy tales asking everyone to dress up  or you can have a pool side party or settle in for the  angels and demons theme. In case you find these themes as generic then you can always spice it up with themes of your favorite TV series characters.

Zesty games – To keep up with the excitement and fun,  in the midst of food and program make sure you put in contests and games. Games such as “who knows better about the bride” or the card’s game or even better if you have a sporting bride you can opt for the couple’s roast game.

Dramatic Gossip sessions – No way is a hen’s party complete without some steamy, zesty gossip sessions. When ladies get together, it’s bound to be a long night with loads of juicy and interesting stuff to discuss over. To make it fun, arrange for some comfy sofas, snacks and couple of cushions, it’s time for entertainment.

Calling shots – And here comes the most thrilling part of the party. Calling shots! You might think it to be bad idea but thrust us, its lot more fun except the hangover part. After electrifying dancing sessions, its time to raise a toast for the bride to be by calling in for shots.

So now that you have fair ideas for bridal parties, we hope you are all set for a rocking bridal party. In case you are in need for some more tips regarding weddings, stay tune as soon we shall bring in loads of hacks for you and do not forget that every good party begins with an amazing invitation such as free online invitations!