Wedding vows are the verbal commitment you give to your life partner. It’s not just words but the true feeling which expresses the most romantic poetry ever exchanged. Most people stick to the formal and traditional vows, but a modern couple needs something unique and memorable, something which makes their eye teary and then makes them laugh as well. Here are 10 modern wedding vows you should be taking for your wife to be.

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10 Modern wedding vows you should be taking for your wife to be

  1. Your wedding vow should reflect your love and commitment like, “I promise to be on your side in sickness and health and forever cherish our friendship”.
  2. After all, it’s the memory and reminder of each other which makes it special like” I remember the first time I saw you and I promise myself that you will be the last person I ever want to be with”.
  3. Know what marriage means to you and share it with her like, “to make this friendship forever and to love and comfort each other”.
  4. Let her know that you support her in every way and will be there for her, “I promise to encourage you to achieve your dreams and wishes, I will stand by your side to make you happier and stronger”.
  5. Vows are just another way to let your loved one know how much they mean to you,” I will be your best friend and I will be the best husband, I will be you’re your biggest fan and I will be your critics too”.
  6. Vows are also about how much you know each other and what makes them happy too like, “I promise to love you forever and be with you even on the world cup night, I promise to watch every season finale of your favorite show together”
  7. Remember to love one and another even when the time is not on your side, “I promise to love you always and forever, in the rainy days and darkest night, for our love is the only thing which makes us who we are and it makes us stronger than ever.
  8. Be her friend and make her smile, after all a marriage also vows to be friends forever,” I promise to make you smile, I promise not to do anything which might hurt you in any way, your smile is the only thing which makes me keep going”.
  9. It doesn’t need to be fancy and poetic, it’s just needing to convey a message which is that you love her, make sure to keep your word simple and sweet like, “I promise to be everything you ever want me to be and everything I could be to be someone you love”
  10. Make the declaration clear and add it to the vow, “I, take you as my wife “, and don’t forget to say, “I do”.

We are in the modern times where getting married is more like a partnership wherein both need to put efforts from their sides. In case you are getting married any time sooner, suggest these vows to your husband!