We all love celebrating our birthdays, after all, each birthday means you have successfully conquered another year of your life and you are ready to take the next one. Birthdays are especially fun because of the whole celebration that it brings, right from presents to treats – no wonder why we keep counting the number of months left for our birthdays.

birthday party

You must have planned a surprise birthday party for someone a lot many times too. We understand at times you run out of ideas while planning a surprise birthday party. So, here are a few smart ideas that would help you plan a birthday surprise. We hope these ideas shall help you in planning your person’s birthday and giving him/her a memory to truly remember.

Cool ideas for a surprise birthday party:


In case the birthday person loves animals, then take him or her to a nearby pet cafe. Metropolitan cities have a lot of pet cafes where you can have fun with the pet dogs or cats. This is ideally one of the best places to celebrate a dog or a cat lover’s birthday.


Oh well! What can beat the fun that a house party brings? Invite some common friends with some food and booze. House parties are amazing specially to celebrate a surprise birthday. Just tell the birthday person that it is going to be a normal party & surprise him/her.


Most certainly road trip is something that each one of us carries in our own bucket lists. Why not make the birthday person strike off a road trip by actually taking him/her there? Arrange a road trip to Ladakh or Shimla or perhaps somewhere nearby. It is going to fun and hell lot of surprising.


If your birthday person is pretty much adventurous, you can take him/her for a makeover. Perhaps a good haircut or just the pedicure is going to make the birthday super good. Think about it, it is surely going to work.


Make a video invitation to your birthday person which is personalized and customized as well. It is amazingly simple. You just have to select the templates from our website and our representative will get in touch with you. Your entire video Invitation shall be created in just two business days.

Unicorn Birthday Invitation


Who said that surprise birthdays need to have cake and parties? You can always take your birthday person for a nice spa. Let him/her feel relaxed on his/her birthday, what could be better than this. This idea is not something that you would think of but yes, it is surely going to work.

It is appreciating that you are thinking of making someone’s birthday special. You need not stick to the same monotonous surprise birthday party ideas. We are sure these ideas are surely going to work in wonders. In case we have missed out on any other out-of-the-box idea, let us know about it in the comment section below.