You’ve got to admit, stuffing the envelopes, sticking them and writing addresses is not a task you would be dying to do during the wedding preparations. It’s the least favorite of all but one of the most imperative jobs to be done. The worst, you’re a slave to creative thinking and just can’t agree to send the traditional wedding invitations/paper cards. Get the most important announcement of your life been thrown away in some stash.

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It’s time to give technology a chance to make a difference in your wedding invitations. gives your invite an edge with personalized free online video invitations. It gives the regular idea of invitation a creative, exquisite and custom-made twist. Thus, making it an invitation loved and reminisced by one and all.

Wedding Video Invitation

Include these things to make your wedding invitations special

Get your word out in your style and flair

Video invitations are your chance to paint the sky with your love and proclaim your happiness to the world in your own style. Laugh, shout, announce it together; whatever you do, it should come straight from your heart. With video invitations, you’ve got a host of features that can best express your feelings to the ones you want to be present at your big day.

Customize it for important guests

Some people deserve to be on your VIP list. Make customized video invitations for them and make them feel special. Nothing can encourage your guests to attend the big day more than knowing that their presence will make a difference. A personal invite mostly ends up with overwhelmed emotions and immediate RSVPs.

Use your Social media connections to best use

It’s your big day, get ready to use the best of your social media connections. After all, what’s the use of having these accounts? The more your invitations are shared, the more people will get to know about it, and in no time your wedding will become the wedding of the season. Through video invitations, you are leaving no scope for the guests to NOT see your invite. If not on mail, the social media is where they can see the videos and be a part of your best day.

Touch hearts with your invite

Video invitations give this unimaginable level of intimacy to your invitations that can only be surpassed if you go and invite in person. Make the most of it and make your message a reason for the guests to drop everything they’ve planned and come for the wedding. Share your love story, the best moments, or even how different you both are and how beautifully the law of ‘opposites attract’ applies to you both. Whatever you do, ensure your invitation strikes a chord.

The video invitations at have exceptional themes, custom colors, and HD video quality to make your invitation stand out. You can track your RSVPs, schedule reminders, get a brilliant email and phone support, and much more.

Give a break to the age-old sophisticated formality and show the world the cheerful colors of joy your heart is filled with.