Monsoons and romance go hand in hand, so planning your wedding in monsoon is a spot on decision to reap ample of benefits. While many go for winter weddings or summer weddings, in reality the monsoon weddings need to be your choice. Well, if the thought of mud or untimely heavy showers is what stops you then you really need to go through our 5 bang on reasons that will convince you to have monsoon weddings for sure!

monsoon weddings

5 Bang on reasons to make your monsoon weddings memorable


Being an off-season, you need not go through advance hall bookings as halls are easily available. You can even opt for outdoor weddings if you want. Moreover the rates for wedding apparels are comparatively low with massive discounts being available for almost all brands. You can also opt for some free online invites to economize on your wedding budget. Economising the wedding budget is important especially when the rates of everything are rising every second minute.

Natural settings

With romance being in air, the nature gives you an exclusive lush green setting which is perfect for your pre-wedding shoot. To make the shoot more interesting you can even make use of quirky props for your photos or opt in for outdoor shoot. The windy weather, slight drizzle, greenery, all these can certainly help you to get in some cool weddings snaps.

No make-up issues

While a summer wedding sounds fun, the entire idea of wearing your bridal outfit along with make-up with the amount of heat is certainly not pleasant. When it comes to rains, there are no such issues. Being a cool and pleasant atmosphere, you need not worry about your makeup or bridal wear.

Rain dance

The traditional style of sangeet can be ditched. If you plan a monsoon wedding a rain dance is going to make everyone in crowd absolutely crazy! This is not only going to add quirky to your wedding but also going to make it one absolutely mad event of your life.

Cheap & delicious food

We all are aware of sky rocketing costs of food especially in wedding. Whether you opt for a brunch or lunch, it does dugs in a deep hole in your pocket! However opting for monsoon wedding makes this cost drop down. With the costs going down you can absolutely spend a little more on other things and rock the wedding like a pro. You can opt for inviter video invitations that will enhance the experience of wedding altogether.

Most of us are not quite in the favour of monsoon wedding given the hassle it brings. However, it not only saves up a lot of cost of yours but also makes it one memorable experience. Since not many of us opt for monsoon weddings these weddings have its own charm. You can keep amazingly cool props such as colourful umbrellas or transparent raincoats. You can even ask your guests to wear rainy outfits and keep it super casual and fun!

If you are always in favour of trying something new then monsoon wedding is just the thing that you should genuinely opt for!