Weddings are amazing without a doubt. The entire amalgamate of culture and tradition served in one event is fascinating enough. This goes without saying that everything is special about weddings, well right from the rituals, customs to the wedding invites. A lot of us prefer keeping great wedding invitations after all it is the matter of remembrance.

wedding invitations

Hence, we are here to tell you about the best wedding invitations that you can look ahead in 2018. In case you are getting married or perhaps your friends are, whatever the case may be these wedding invites are definitely in trend.

1. Scrolls:

Much like traditional cards, scrolls are trending wedding invitations. It isn’t personalized yet, they attain that look of royalty. In case you are into a lavish style of wedding invites, you can consider this one without a doubt.

2. Digital invitations:

We are in a digital age and sending digital invites in the form of pictures or videos is quite common amongst us. So, in 2018 there must be a lot of couples opting for digital invites sent through digital platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook or other social networking sites.

3. Handwritten ones:

This sounds odd but yes, they do exist. Handwritten invitations are not suitable for formal wedding events however they are good for informal invites to a small group of friends. These are not much in trend but, a lot of people prefer to opt for this. They might just be back in trend.

4. Traditional wedding card:

Well, this is something that wouldn’t go out of trend. No matter what the size of your card is. These traditional wedding invitations are here to remain in trend. Traditional invites hold rooted cultural values which are why; they wouldn’t be going off-trend anytime soon.

5. Caricatures:

A lot of couples also opt for caricatured wedding invitations. Professional artists make their caricatures which are then incorporated into the wedding cards. Caricatures on the wedding invites are popular and this exact trend is going to be continued in 2018. However, while picking the artist make sure that you are approaching only a professional.

6. Customized video invitation:

Making a video invitation is exciting but, obviously, it demands creativity & time. Getting a professional to do it for you is always advisable. You can always approach us to get it done within 2 business days.

In case you wonder how it works, it is simple! You simply must pick the video template from the given choices. We would get back to you regarding the pictures and videos that we would require and voila! We are ready. Can you see how hassle-free did us make it for you?

So, these were several wedding invitation trends that e are definitely going to witness in 2018. If you have any other idea in mind which is trending, then mention it to us! Also, in case you wish to get your own personalized customized wedding invite within 2 days, connect with us.