The sand glides through your feet like a soft fabric of silk – gently polishing its surface, while the breeze caresses your face having those loose strands of your hair to dance to its calming music. You can hear the tides politely conversing with the shoreline and the loose hulls gliding back home from far across the sea – adding a magically breathtaking effect to your wedding’s decor.

beach wedding

The sun has all intentions to set with an orange blaze and allow you and your guests to enjoy the view while it submerges into the horizons. The starfish and the seashells play ebulliently well with the light pastel colors that have blanketed your special day with all the chirpiness in the world.

From that gorgeous fruit cake to every single petal blanketing the aisle gracefully. You have managed to orchestrate the perfect beach wedding with the help of your family and your lovely bridesmaids. Everyone is laughing away from right across the table, at something funny that your best friend just said in her toast – her champagne glass catching the glimmer from those fairy lights that are all illuminating the evening beautifully.

Beach Wedding Online Invitations

Premium beach weddings are a most delightful way of marking the beginning of the next most important chapter of your life. They just add this charm of delicate ecstasy that encompasses and elevates each spirit that attends your special day. The attention to details that one requires to pull off a gorgeous beach wedding is just tremendous.

You have so many things to worry about, from ensuring that the cutlery is delivered to the venue, to inviting so many guests to join the celebrations. Thus, at Inviter, we fully understand the pressure that you face while ensuring that everything is top notch and help you share some load.

Virtual delivery

Inviter helps to utilize the digital technology to your benefits and create virtual online invitations. The idea is to ensure that you don’t spend too much time mailing out the invitations to each guest. And also standing a high risk of losing the invite in the mail.

That’s where our portal steps in allowing you to customize an amazing wedding invitation. Where you can have a photo gallery or a video message for your guests to leaving them smiling. All you take to do is, to prepare a guest list and send out your customized invitation. We handle the rest.

We track the RSVPs on your behalf. So that you know the exact number of people to except, way in advance. We also help you connect to social media and create an event for your guests to follow. We even help you identify your guests’ preferences with our little analytics. Let our professionals send out those gentle reminder emails and make phone calls on your behalf. In the meantime, you enjoy some spa time with your girlfriends or hubby-to-be and rejuvenate for your big day.