With NASA discovering new planets and the success rates of medical treatments becoming massive, technology is surely doing us a huge favor by simplifying every little thing in our lives. With video calls and snapchats, we really have managed to defeat the distance at its own game and stay connected to all those who matter to us. It is a wonder that we use the internet to get updates on every little thing in life. So why not use the digital platform to send across warm video greetings to all our colleagues, clients, family and friends.


The Concept of Video Greetings

We all have seen how impactful Facebook’s online video greetings are, where their wishes vary from a simple “Good Morning” note to a memorable “Happy New Year” video. Videos and images so heart-warming that we end up sharing them with our whole circle. Inviter helps you create your own virtual video greetings where you can personalize your messages.  With this your guests know that you are thinking about them and stand to be their well-wisher.

Personal Touch

With Inviter, you can create beautiful birthday messages for your loved ones. Or warm season’s greetings for all your team members. Adding personalized images and videos that help you connect with everyone on a personal note. Imagine how good your employees will feel when you send them a personal video. Which conveys not only greetings but also appreciating their hard work to make your business much more productive and easier.

Expand Your Reach

Not only can you mail across these personal greetings, but you can also share them on various social media platforms. Inviter provides you with endless possibilities to make your guests know how they are a significant part of your life. We take over the traditional methods of sending greeting cards that had nothing personal about them.