Graduation marks the end of our student life and represents the beginning of our new phase where we welcome a little more freedom and independence in our life. Certainly you can’t simply ignore such a great occasion without a celebration, after all it’s your years of hard work that finally brings you one step closer to your dreams.

Graduation Party
Graduation Ceremony

Oh wait! In case you are thinking how to manage a super cool graduation party with meager funds then read on carefully as we list out some easy hacks to throw a rocking graduation party.

Party Basics

Get your graduation party basics right! Decide whether you want to have an indoor party or an outdoor one. If possible plan an outdoor party as that would double up the fun quotient, likewise ensure that you select a location that is convenient for all. If you want to go in for a theme party, then plan it up in advance.

Online Invitations

Save your major chunk of funds by opting out for free online invites instead of paying in for printing invites. Innovative and highly personalised, these invites can be designed the way you want them to be. You can also opt in for online video invites, by uploading a short video, inviting your friends to celebrate the occasion of graduation.

Food and Music

A party is incomplete without booze and good rock music. Arrange in for light snacks instead of heavy lunch or dinner and spent the funds saved on booze and music instead. In case of DJ, don’t go in for expensive band as that would only add up to your cost, rob in a local DJ.

Share your Story

Instead of boring games, have a session of revisiting your college days whereby everyone gets to share their favourite memories of their college life. At the end of this session, you can even have a small video with collage of your classmates on it. We bet this session is going to bring in lots of nostalgia in your party but then that’s what memories are all about.

Reveal your Secret

If share a story activity do not appeals to your taste then this idea might work. Fill in a jar of lots of colourful paper slips with fun activity scribbled on each slip. Randomly you can select on your classmates and tell them to draw these slips and perform the task written in it. If your classmates are sporty, then you can even have a roast session.

Parting Gift

Since it might be the last time you will see some of your batchmates a parting gift is must. Either you can hand over a group photo frame or through free online video draft in a small thank you message for your guests and send it across; they will love it for sure.

Now that you know how to throw a party like a boss with shoestring budget, go ahead and plan one up! It’s time to raise a toast!