Imagine, the orchestra all ready to go, with flowers filling the space with a mesmerizing scent, and then suddenly, you realize there are not enough chairs for all the guests. Can you imagine running around in your wedding gown trying to find chairs?

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Even when you plan out everything from the start to the finish, there can be things that could go wrong on the day of the wedding. While some mistakes are out of our hands, there are some that we can definitely work on.

Here are 6 most common wedding planning mistakes:

Sending too early reminders

Of course, the first thing that every couple does after picking out their wedding date, is send out Save the Date cards. But because of the excitement and too make sure everyone gets their card delivered on time, you could end up sending cards so early.


Instead, you could use Inviter to send for free online invitations, and make sure all of your guests get save the date cards right on time.

Spending a fortune on the wedding dress

The budget for the dress is already set and don’t forget that a beautiful white dress can cost a fortune. Shoes, makeup, hair, accessories, everything is important to look stunning.

So why spend everything on one dress?


Get a few moments away from the camera

In this digital age of photo booth selfies and wedding hashtags, it can be difficult not to find yourself in front of the camera on your wedding day. But to really enjoy the special day of your life, it’s important to have some moments that are just yours, and no amount of pictures could take that away from you.


Size of the venue

There’s nothing awful than packing a large number of guests in a confined venue. The place might have hosted grand parties, but check if they have ever hosted a wedding. You don’t want someone stumbling upon the plates while dancing.


Once you have the final guest list for your wedding, make sure the venue you are picking can at least accommodate 10-12 more guests.

Not following any schedule

No one likes to get confused about the whereabouts of the plan or venue. If you have a destination wedding, then make sure to hand out itineraries and schedule well in advance. Late guests are more embarrassing than a late bride and or a groom.

Sending out personalized invitations with a cool schedule that matches your wedding mood is a perfect way to get your family members in time for every ceremony.

At the end don’t forget it’s all about the bride and groom, nothing else matters, period.