Whether you forgot a birthday, or just didn’t plan it because of sheer laziness, the fact is, you need to throw a birthday party.


The first thing you need to do is relax, and focus. A few efforts can completely make someone else’s day, and even if you leave a few things out of the party, it’s the thought that matters after all.

But with the help of these tips, you will be able to throw an epic last minute party.

Fix a guest list

Without guests, there would be no party. You are already throwing a last minute party, so you need to prepare a guest list as soon as possible so that you can notify them about it.


Find a quick venue

Finding a venue last minute is probably not possible. So, why not host a party in your backyard? If one of your friends has a big terrace, you could also hold the party there. It’s all about quick decisions, and not wasting your time on a single issue.

Send Online invites

At the last minute, sending paper invites and waiting for RSVP is obviously not an option. Instead, you can send free online party invitations to your guests using Inviter, and get RSVP’s in time you finalize on other things and hope everyone shows up.

Always keep collecting ideas

If you are someone who often needs to plan last minute parties, then why not always be ready? You can use Pinterest to gather some ideas, and revisit them when you actually need to plan a party. This way you will be able to save a lot of time on research.

Stay practical

A last minute party cannot have any fancy decorations like ice sculptures, or huge centre-pieces, and you need to make your peace with it. The idea is to keep everything simple and fantastic at the same time.

Easy and pre-cooked food

Booking a caterer a few hours before the final event is difficult, in fact, the only caterers that will be available would be the average ones. So why not just order take-out from your favourite restaurant and heat it at home? Make sure you order ample of quantity, so there is enough for everyone.


Cake is a cake

Customized cakes look good only in Instagram feeds, but after you cut it and eat, they are the same as the not-so-fancy ones. So just get a delicious cake and save some time because at the end it will all get eaten up.

Most importantly, do not panic, you can get through it, all you need to do is focus