Known to be the day of love, Valentine’s parties are synonymous to expressing your feelings to your beloved. However with our watertight schedule coming up with creative ideas and then arranging the entire party is sure to give you some stressful nights.

Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day

No worries! We are at your service. To make your Valentine party fabulous, here are some excellent ideas that are affordable as well as easy to execute. Read on!

Theme it up

Unlike traditional parties with red heart shaped balloons and red curtains, add a twist to your party by using asking your guests to dress up like their favourite couples from any TV series or Bollywood or Hollywood movies. Although this does not constitute to a specific theme but dressing up is certainly going to be fun.


Set your decor right enough to let your guests feel the romance in the air. Go in for a dimly lit ambience with red candelabrum at corners and soft melodies playing in the background with abundant open space for people to dance in if they wish. Avoid rock music as its Valentine’s party unless your guests are all pumped up for some DJ sessions.

Online invitations

Prepare customized online video invitations for your party. These customised and creatively designed videos shall be one of the strong reason why your party of valentine became successful to this extent.

Valentine's Day Video Greeting

Movie Marathon

Pour in some wine and adjust soft pillows on your sofas, it’s time for the movie marathon. Well although this idea is off beat, but you can certainly play in some of the best romance classics that are sure to offer the best entertainment to your guests.


You’re never too old to play a game, isn’t it? You can also make your day a little peppy by organising some real simple games. Games such as word games, paper dance or even a mere stare game would not only become the fun element but it will also rekindle the romance. Do try this out and let us know how it worked with you.

Thank you gifts

You beloved has always been there by your side in all your thick and thins so why not thank him/her in the most special way? Prepare thank you gifts for your beloved it could be a small poem or merely words of appreciation. This is going to be one of the sweetest gesture that your guests are going to do “awwww” at.

Click – photo booths

In order to avoid the couples become busy in clicking selfies, why don’t you put a photo booth. Think of something creative and prepare a photo booth for your guests. That will keep them engaged all the time. You can even keep the contest of best photographs and gift them that picture or anything like that.