Max has been planning a long summer vacation trip to his nearest outstation. But to fulfill his trip he needs a gang to move out with. Last time when Max planned the same, only a few of his friends joined the trip and the rest showed some kind of disinterest. So, this time, Max planned something unique to make it really work out.


This time, Max decided to collect a few pictures of the destination from the web and use them on his trip invitation. He collected images of the most attractive spots and thought of including them in his video invite. Max recorded the video and used those pictures in it. He also spoke a few lines about the significance of those places and why everyone should visit it. This way he made his invitation more appealing so that his invitees do not miss the chance to go out this time. He did some editing to the video on his own choice to make it look and sound better. That’s all.

Video Invitations: How it works?

The video Max created, he later uploaded at is a leading video invitation platform, have number of beautiful templates and customized features.  You can add a lovely template to the video and also add some effects to make it presentable to others. And it did take just a minute to do all this. After that you can send the video invitation to your friends very easily.

Max shared the video invitation personally with a few of his close friends whom he wanted him to join in the trip. He sent it to everyone in a single shot and soon they could view the video. And all these did not cost Max a penny and he could easily save them for the trip. This time, Max’s friends were stunned to view the invitation. They found it quite unique and pleasing.

Optionally, Max could also share the video invitation on his social networking timeline if he wished. But since he wanted only a few close ones to join him, he avoided doing that. Video invitations are perhaps the most effective form of invite. You can only feel it when you try it via, and you will find the difference. Nevertheless, the paper invites or the other forms of invitation could bring this change as video invitations do.

So like Max, if you are too planning a trip or a party, then don’t forget to send a video invitation to your guests. It will make them feel more worthy and indeed they will find it more pleasing. Max was smart enough to have used this form of invitation because he knew that the other process would fail to bring his people in. Sending a video invitation is completely effortless and it doesn’t take much of your time. You can reliably use this method for any occasion or event and we ensure your guests will be satisfied and contented with it.