Settling into your new home is perhaps one of the best feelings of achievement. The new atmosphere and surroundings feel so fresh that brings back the lost enthusiasm to celebrate this happiness with your dear ones.


So it becomes essential to host a housewarming party where you can show your new house to your friends and relatives and share your happiness with them. So today we will be sharing a few housewarming party ideas with you so that you can maintain a checklist before you prepare to host your own housewarming party.

The 8 Best Housewarming Party Ideas

Make your guest list

Prepare a list of your guests whom you are going to invite to your party. Make sure you include all your friends and relatives, and also colleagues who are close to you. Recheck the list, again and again, to ensure you didn’t miss anyone.

Hire a decorator

You’ll be too busy with the other programs for the party so let the decorator do the home decorations for you. Hire a good decorator and make your new home look even better. You can also decide a theme design and put your suggestion to your decorator.

Keep your house clean and well maintained

Don’t forget to clean up your home before the party. You can also hire a professional cleaning service who will make your home sparkle and make it look good and new. An untidy house creates a negative influence on the guests so make sure you make it look good.

Decide the menu

Treat your guests with great food so that they can remember it for long. Decide a special menu with your family members with some great delicacies and food items. Hire a good caterer who makes great food along with providing a noble presentation.

Provide directions

Since your guests are visiting your new home for the first time, don’t forget to offer directions and the route to your house. You can present them in a small map or put it as text with the landmark, street name, and house number.

Send an Invitation

After everything is prepared, get ready to send an invitation to your guests now. You can try the free online video invitation platforms like which is a DIY photo or video invitation maker that won’t take too much of your time. You can simply record a note and upload it to the site and then email the video to your contact list.

Greet your guests well

Your guests are the heart of the party so make sure you greet them well. If you are too busy with the other guests then you can designate a greeter who will welcome all your guests in the party. This will make your guests feel honored and worthy.

Leave a guestbook

Put a guestbook at the door or entrance of your house and allow your visitors to sign them. Ask them for some recommendations for your new home like plumber, electrician, or home help services. Also, allow them to write their opinion about your new home which can help you in further maintaining it.

We hope you like our suggestions and ideas for your housewarming party.