You want your wedding to be epic in exponential level. You can go to any measure to make it more special for you and your bride. And you want to show the world how much your love means, it needs to be spectacular and awe-inspiring. So here are the few quirky ideas to decorate on your big day.



It’s the heart of the wedding, apart from the bride and groom. You need to decide the venue way before thinking of getting married. Is it a destination wedding or something from your hometown nearby, make it mesmerize with decor idea which looks stunning.


Thinking about vintage wedding theme, add the old vintage car to pick up your guest at the venue. It would not just give an amazing look but will also add a unique feeling to it.


Most weddings doesn’t allow drinks, maybe it because drunk people might ruin your big day. But, what about delicious cocktails. Add something special to it and made a cocktail as your theme goes by. Is it beach wedding or mountaintop or home-based, add the flavor and color which add the beauty to it.

Welcome bags:

It’s a tradition to give welcome bags to the guest when they arrive to attend the wedding. Why not add something which makes them more comfortable. Like scented soap or cosmetic, hotels will give their standard pack but to this personalized gift is actually useful.


Flowers are a big part of your big day. We don’t want cutbacks from it, but we want to make it magnificent. Give it a good shape and design, add a variety of flower and make a beautiful bouquet.

Table sitting arrangement:

It’s one of a big headache to create a list where people are going to sit. After brainstorming it, why not make it distinctive. Add something to it to make it stand out.


Lighting is a big part of the wedding. If it’s daytime wedding than you still need to worry about the reception, but most wedding happens indoor, so it needs to be perfect. Do you want it to look stunning but not so bright, how do you want to arrange light to make a perfect backdrop? There are many quirks you can try with lights, from a glass bottle to light graffiti.

Video Invites:

Video Invites are highly on trend. We can help you make a video wedding invite in just 2 working days. It is simple and sensible. Just pick the template from our website and we will contact you in no time for further details. We will do all the work, you just got to get ready.


The wedding is incomplete without music. It adds the romance to the ceremony. It makes it’s something out of the world and let your guest went on the journey with you too. There are many ideas you can try, like surprise band to surprise guest or after wedding dance to celebrate. Music can add so much meaning and love to the moments.