Birthday Video Invitation

Everyone in this world will have one great day? Any guess? Yes! It’s the day they were born. Every day one or the other will be celebrating their birthday in this world. Birthday parties are really very exciting for the kids and parents. Really, it’s an all-time wish of parents to want our children to stay happy and healthy. It is good to host a birthday party on budget at home with your near family members to save money.

In recent years most of the parents are really gone crazy in spending for their child birthday party. Birthday expenditure includes decorations, food catering, return gifts, and many other. Apart from this, in modern days child’s birthday party can include face painters, bounce House, magicians, and performing clowns

Now the question arrives.

How much do we need to spend on a birthday party?

Here are the tips for planning a simple party, and doing it on a budget

Plan in advance:

When you plan to buy party essentials like balloons, decorations and other party stuff in the last minute, you tend to spend more. Its good to plan your child’s birthday party as advance as possible. Give time for yourself to go and shop around, and buy it for the best discounts.

Shop at Dollar Stores:

The dollar store and 99 cents stores are the best places to shop for party essentials like balloons, decorations, gift bags to give goodies. Even though PartyCity kind of stores has many collections, it is a bit expensive. Another idea is to buy balloons in and DIY.

Bake Your Own Cake:

Buying an expensive decorated cake is a big money waster. If you want to cut down the costs, consider buying cake mix, icing and sprinkles from your local grocery stores and try your own cake at home.

Birthday Video Invitation

Prepare food for guests at home:

catering is really expensive. It is easy to make food for your child’s party at home. Start with chocolate brownie mix. Make it into cupcakes and decorate them with frosting. Arrange some healthy snacks like veggie straws, a platter of baby veggies (include cucumber, baby carrots, and other healthy veggies) with a dip, and a bowl of orange punch. What you need to do is to keep kids happy.

Opt for Digital invitations:

Mailing paper invitations can be a nice thing, but they are not really necessary in today’s digital world. If you are on a tight budget, consider sending electronic invites for your child’s party. Websites such as Inviter offer many free, colorful invitations options to choose from.

Birthday Video Invitation Template

Reserve your venue place:

Plan to host your birthday party in your back yard, if you have enough space to accommodate guests. An alternative venue to plan your child’s party is to reserve picnic tables or space at your local community parks with free or nominal fee.

Ask Friends & Family to help you out:

Kid’s parties need a lot of more hands, you don’t need to pay for help. Ask your dear family and friends to help you whenever possible. If any of your family members are good at cooking, then take their help in cooking food for guests.

Plan for Games & Activities:

Games and activities bring real chill in kid’s birthday party, but they should not cost you cost much or anything at all. If the venue is an outdoor place, plan out some outdoor games for kids like dodge ball, bean bag tossing, tag, sack race, tug of war many other. If you choose home as venue then you can plan for some indoor activities for kids like making sample crafts with household items, toppling tower, passing the ball, and guessing game.

Plan on Goody Bags or Return Gifts:

Don’t waste your money on expensive toys and candies to fill up goody bags. Find some great items from the dollar store for less price. Pack some sweet treats and send home with the kiddos.

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