Planning a Traditional Indian baby shower invitations would be a mesmerizing event for an expecting mother.  Around the world for the baby shower, guests come and shower gifts to the would-be mother, and make her day. Traditionally Indian baby shower completely different.  Probably the same essence i.e, to shower gifts and blessing to unborn little one and the would-be mother.

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All the time we wondered and wondered, who is this person coming, growing, turning, floating, swimming deep, deep inside?”, said Crescent Dragon Wagon. True!  it’s heartfelt of every wonderful woman expecting a baby.

What does an Expecting mother expect? Any guess? Yes!  Baby shower party. “Shower” means showering of gifts, blessings and joy for expecting motherhood.

Godhbharai, Valaikappu, Seemadham Seemantham, and shared are alternate names for the baby shower.

When to perform a traditional Indian baby shower?

Traditionally baby shower performed by In-laws or by her parents.  Usually, performed in the 7th or 9th month of pregnancy. Some families may do it in the 3rd or 5th month of pregnancy. The seventh month best to celebrate a ceremony.

Plan for online baby shower video invitations

We cannot think of any event or ceremony without guests. Traditionally a woman from a family used to go to each and every guest house offer Kumkum and invited for the ceremony. It seems tedious and time taking. Rather, very easy to invite them by video invitations. Inviter provides a wide variety of video invitations templates,  in creating baby shower invitations, download it and share. the process takes a few minutes.

How to perform a Traditional baby shower in India?

The traditional baby shower Usually, seems like a woman only gathering ceremony. Pooja also performed before the ceremony starts. Firstly, elderly women in the family start the ceremony by offering Kumkum, and haldi. Further gifts a  special saree to would be a mother. Once she is dressed up.

Almost every woman guest, who came to the ceremony offers Kumkum, make her wear new colorful bangles and fill her lap with different dry fruits, fruits, sweets, gifts, and bless her. Above all Parents and Mother-In-law will adorn her with special jewelry.  Certainly, the ceremony is filled with singing,  dancing and finally, with some sort of teasing and fun.

Finally, plan Games for the ceremony like guessing the gender of the baby probably by the size and shape of the pregnant woman belly or creating a name list of your baby. Certainly, planning for proper return gifts.

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