The ceremony of baby shower marks the beginning of a new phase in a parent’s life. It’s during this time when a mother develops and nurtures the most blissful experience of giving birth to a new life.
In ancient times, this customary ritual was undertaken by near and dear ones of the mom-to-be wherein the ladies in the family would pamper her and provide with suggestions and advices during and post pregnancy period.

baby shower ceremony
baby shower

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However, in modern times its either the in-laws of mom-to-be, her relatives and friends or the couple themselves who plan this ceremony. While the ceremony unfolds in the traditional way, here’s a twist in baby shower ceremony invitations that you can scoop up for the mom-to-be. Have a look!

baby sower invitation video

Knitted Cap Invites:

Why go for the standard postcard type invites when you can design a minimalist invite and wrap it up in an adorable knitted baby cap! If you love decorations, you can add a ribbon to it, depending upon whether it’s a boy or a girl.

Theme Invites:

If you desire to surprise your mom-to-be, opt for a theme baby shower ceremony. Similar to theme parties, you can decide the theme for the baby shower and design the invites accordingly. Irrespective of the theme, be it Disney Cartoons, Pirate theme or Harry Potter, do not forget to mention a thanks in advance on the invite for all your well wishers.

Video Invites for baby shower ceremony:

Designed to suit technology-savvy parents, the video invitations enables you to personally invite all your well wishers. Easy to design, all you need to do is use the free baby shower invite video maker, customize the look and sent across the invites after downloading it from the providers.

Cradle Shaped Invite:

In case the typical square or rectangle invites does not fascinate you, then here’s an excellent suggestion for your creativity. Design a cradle shaped structure and inside it, add in a small card with the venue and date details of the baby shower ceremony.

Gift Hamper Invites:

While there’s a possibility of these invites turning out to be slightly expensive but they are sure to make your guests feel loved and special. Choose in an adorable hamper with an invite card and fill it up with toy cookies and muffins. Attach your guest’s address and send it across.

Well, while we have listed some of the quirky invite ideas which one of the above mentioned invites did you love the most? Do let us know through your comments!