Popular with people over all the age groups, Mata ki Chowki is a devotional program that brings happiness and prosperity to everyone present in the program. People often arrange Chowki post Ganpati festival or during Navratri. The devotional program is a way of expressing gratitude and respect towards Devi Maa for her blessings. Generally, the program is either held in the evening starting from 7pm and extends beyond 11pm.

Mata Ki Chowki

The program is started by lighting Devi maa’s jyot followed by singing of devotional songs and offering of fruits and garlands to Devi maa. As a mark of respect, the devotee who arranges Mata ki Chowki offers something in return like fruits or flowers near Devi maa’s feet as a blessing to all the devotees present at the Chowki. The distribution of prasad marks the completion of Mata ki Chowki.

However, the trends of sending video invites for Mata ki Chowki and going live on social media during Chowki has been radically spreading all over. In case you are still not aware of this trend, then you certainly need to check these quirky yet awesome video invites of Mata ki Chowki.

Preparing these invites is super easy. Here, check out the steps to make one!

Join the Community:

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Depending upon your preference, select the colour theme and invite message from the options given.

Insert your Video:

Post template finalization, insert your video inviting your well wishers to attend Mata ki Chowki at your place.

Download your Video:

Once the preview invite looks good, download your video and send it across to your guests for Chowki.

Thus, a simple 4-step process and you are all set with your Mata ki Chowki video invite. It’s true that we have a ritual of personally visiting our near and dear ones for a Mata ki Chowki, however the daily grind and busy routine makes it difficult for such invitations.

Hence, the concepts like video invites apart from saving time retain the traditional warm feel of personalized invites. Besides, these invites are available at relatively low cost and are extremely user-friendly to design. So, the next time you decide to arrange a Mata ki Chowki, you certainly know how to design your video invite.